Concanon Blog Series

Concanon provides many different views on how to best use data and technology for your common business practices through our Blog Series. These blog posts focus on exploring a broad collection of concepts and provide unique insight in the areas of Cyber Security, IT Operations, Business Analytics and others.  Please Contact Us if you have any questions or want more information on any of our articles.

Insight through the fog

Observability, an Introduction

Concanon Presents: Observability SeriesPart 1: The Introduction By Tony Kustwan The new buzzword on the block is observability, and many companies are using it willy-nilly to

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Shiny Objects in Security

Stop Chasing Shiny Objects Leveraging Your Existing Cybersecurity Investments By Anthony Giallombardo Cybersecurity is a rapidly advancing field and every day you hear about new

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Architecture that rivals a city

Syslog to Cribl

Concanon Presents: 10 Reasons to Replace Syslog with Cribl LogStream By JOSHUA NUDELL Concanon’s 10 Reasons to Replace Syslog Server with Cribl LogStream Syslog servers

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