Cyber Security

The threat is real, and we’ve seen it impact many large and trusted brands. The investments made in Cyber Security programs are also reaching an all-time high, but are they delivering the protection expected by the investment?


Concanon provides lucid visibility into your security programs, enabling you to take quick and decisive action. This capability extends not only through Tier 1 analytic ability of advance protection, but also to the executive security leadership through risk-based decisions. Our delivery vehicles and solutions are multifaceted and offered to our clients through workshops, assessments, and managed services.

Advanced Security SIEM Consulting

Concanon Professional Services can expertly deploy and operationalize your Enterprise Security platform. We provide an unmatched time to value ratio of your purchase, and visibility into your environment for remediation and response. As an award-winning Professional Services Partner, we have specially trained Security Consultants to expedite the standup, data on-boarding, and content creation of your Security Information and Event Management (SIEM). We lead operational planning of your cyber security operations, and execution of the resulting cyber protection service.

Our services include:
  • Workshops/Training
  • Migrations and Implementations
  • Content Development
  • Tier2/3 Staff Augmentation

Security Reporting and Analytics

What is your security investment providing? We evaluate the security reporting techniques and instruments for accuracy and effectiveness to ensure leadership can make the right decisions based on the right data. You can leverage Concanon’s Security Assessment Program (SAP) to identify gaps in analytic data capture. Our security reporting and analytics are based on security processes and detection in areas such as incident lifecycle, security content development pipelines, and security leadership metrics.

Security Workshops

Concanon offers a series of workshops that will tactically enhance your capabilities within your custom security program. Our solutions workshops follow a specific methodology that is structured around your unique environments and implementations. We will teach you how to effectively perform use case discovery and development, implement SIEM security fundamentals, conduct threat hunting, and much more.