Understanding Your Security Posture

Understanding Your Security Posture

The Problem Statement
A high-performance fiber networking company needs to assess its CyberSecurity infrastructure to better understand risks and threats to their operation. They need to understand what security controls are in place, evaluate whether those controls are implemented correctly and operating as intended, and if they are adequate to meet the firm's expanding security requirements.

The Solution
Concanon conducted in-depth interviews with key staff members covering the following areas:
cyber security policies and procedures;

  • security operations structure
  • staffing and training
  • security monitoring and response
  • incident response process and tools
  • end point security controls
  • internal and external defensive security controls
  • overall security framework in use
  • defense in depth review of key security controls
  • network segregation

The Concanon team then developed a Cyber Security Review and Assessment report. After a review of key findings with the client, a CyberSecurity Roadmap was delivered. The Roadmap presents a clear cost-effective strategy to implement world-class CyberSecurity.

Concanon also conducted external vulnerability scans of the client’s network.  A Concanon ethical hacker leveraged state-of-the-art scanning techniques to identify threats and vulnerabilities of a client network infrastructure.  Security vulnerabilities revealed by these scans were reported, together with reccommendations of steps necessary to mitigate them before they could be exploited.

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