Splunk App Development

Splunk App Development

The Problem Statement

A cloud-based security provider has many customers using Splunk as their SIEM and needed to quickly develop an application to integrate their offerings directly into the Splunk ecosystem.

 The Solution

Concanon first created a Modular Input to extract information from the cloud and ingest it directly, securely, and automatically into Splunk.  Once the data became resident in Splunk, we developed a collection of dashboards so that authorized users can display, manage, update and exchange information between Splunk and the cloud system.

We're International

Concanon is now international! Concanon currently provides some of the world's most talented and experienced consultants in Splunk/Big Data, Business Analytics, CyberSecurity and Cloud/AWS to clients in North America and Europe, the Middle East and Asia. If you have a project in EMEA, let's talk. We may be able to help.

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