Concanon's Splunk Practices

Concanon's Splunk Practices

Concanon is, quite simply, the most trusted consultancy in the Splunk universe. Splunk itself trusts Concanon to architect and deliver Splunk solutions at the company's largest, most demanding customers. From the world's largest multi-petabyte migration into Splunk Cloud, to highly complex Splunk-based cybersecurity solutions at the world's largest financial institutions, Concanon consultants are simply the best in the business; they are highly experienced; they are highly trained; they deliver based on Concanon's proven delivery methodology; and they have access the best resources.

Need a referral? Our client list includes over four hundred of the world's most successful companies. Or ask your local Splunk Professional Services manager about us.

Solutions Focus

When we talk about Concanon's "methodology", it all begins with focusing on solutions to specific business problems. Splunk is a platform these days. It isn't a point solution. The Splunk platform is extraordinarily powerful and, in turn, supports "premium apps" like Enterprise Security, IT Service Intelligence and Scianta's Extreme Vigilance which are, themselves, platforms upon which Splunk customers can build powerful solutions to compelling business use cases. Use cases that make a real difference to the viability of your enterprise. But with all that power comes complexity and, while Splunk continues to be extraordinarily "user friendly", best practice for efficently crafting great business solutions with the platform still requires significant experience. That's where choosing the right professional services consultant becomes crucial.
Concanon consultants currently focus on the following solution categories:

  • Cybersecurity – including Splunk Enterprise Security
  • IT Operations Analytics – including Splunk IT Service Intelligence
  • Operational Intelligence –  including Business Analytics
  • Splunk at Scale –  very large scale Splunk deployments spanning multiple use cases
  • Cloud –  AWS architecture & deployment, Hybrid Splunk Enterprise/Splunk Cloud and staged migrations to Splunk Cloud
  • Data Science – including machine learning, control infrastructure and the Internet of Things

If you're looking to use Splunk to solve one or more business problems... if you have an existing Splunk deployment you'd like to turn into a world-class platform for operational intelligence...

We're International

Concanon is international! Concanon currently provides some of the world's most talented and experienced consultants in Splunk/Big Data, Business Analytics, Machine Learning & Cognitive Computing, CyberSecurity and Cloud/AWS to clients in North America and Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Our team includes top-tier, award winning consultanta based in the Americas and Europe. If you have a project in EMEA, let's talk. We may be able to help.

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