Application Development


Take your presentations and decision-making tools to the next level with a custom application or integration that is uniquely tailored to meet your business problems. Sample use cases of solutions we can provide:

  • Executive Dashboards for metrics rollup through multiple different organizations that can be presented to the Board of Directors quarterly.
  • Professionally visualize data to Splunk Customers using SplunkCloud.
  • Advanced applications to assist customer with the proper scheduling and execution of saved searches in a multi-tenant platform.

All of these Use Cases have been built and leveraged by Concanon to enhance decision making power..

Concanon also works with the SplunkCloud team to ensure your Splunk Application is cloud ready and approved. Open your Application up to hundreds of potential clients fast and seamlessly

Application Development

We provide Application Development to solve specific customer needs. We provide this with the following expertise:
  • Advance Visualizations (D3, NVD3, ThreeJS , etc… )
  • Advance Software Development (Python, JQuery, JavaScript, Java, C/C++, Bootstrap, Angular, NodeJS, AWS, Docker)
  • Understanding of Splunk Cloud Approval Process
  • Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Computing, Neural Networks, TensorFlow
  • Deep understanding of Splunk Technology