By Doug McClanahan

By Mike Cormier

From its inception, Concanon has had a single focus, to create a consulting company with a culture attractive to us as if we were employees. This means that every decision we made was based on whether it was valuable to customers and was for the good of the people who work at Concanon. Now 10 years later, as we begin a new chapter with BlueVoyant, we reflect on that simple mission with immense gratitude for every single customer and every member of our team we’ve touched and for allowing us the honor of working with you all. In equal measure, our people are our product — a uniquely valuable and diverse group of folks who continue to build careers here and help to create and form the positive culture we have at Concanon. We reflect with humble appreciation that we never take for granted as we look forward to our continued journey in the Big Data Solutions business as a stronger and even more capable company!

BlueVoyant’s acquisition of Concanon helps not only to enhance BlueVoyant’s Splunk Cloud offerings by introducing some of the top tier Splunk and Big Data talent to an already powerful Managed Services Security Provider, but provides growth and career development for each of our employees. We are super excited about this acquisition and the opportunity it provides for our customers and our employees.

We wanted to share with you some of the responses from the employees at Concanon about what this acquisition means to us:

What are you looking forward to with the acquisition of Concanon by BlueVoyant?

The ability to work with top tier security professionals and enhance their current capabilities in threat intelligence and breach remediation. Not only are we expanding BlueVoyant’s knowledge base, but we will have opportunities to expand our own knowledge to better support our clients.

BlueVoyant has a deep integration with the Splunk Cloud Platform and is focused on migrating customers from on-prem to cloud. How do you see Concanon being the best fit to support these migrations?

This takes the top players in the ecosystem and places them under the same roof. Where BlueVoyant maintains and operates a premier security service, Concanon offers the building blocks to establish those services in the Cloud.

With the market shifting from on-prem legacy tools to new Cloud infrastructure, how does the acquisition set BlueVoyant apart from the market?

BlueVoyant recognizes the market demands options. Now paired with Managed Sentinel and Concanon, they provide the best of both worlds, on any cloud infrastructure.

In today's technology environment, security includes everything from DevOps to Data Observability Management. We’re able to leverage the centuries of combined IT experience our consultants have, to accelerate and diversify BlueVoyant's current offerings to meet the continued customer demands and growth.

We’re solid…powerful…what you loved yesterday will be here tomorrow, and then some! We can’t wait to show you.

What to learn more about the BlueVoyant Acquisition?

BlueVoyant, a cybersecurity company, today announced the acquisition of global professional services and big data solutions consultancy, Concanon, to provide the services and solutions to further empower Splunk customers worldwide and to maximize their investments in Splunk Cloud Platform.