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Concanon has dedicated itself to be the finest professional services consultancy in the Splunk and Big Data ecosystem. Simply put, our people are among the most experienced and best trained Splunk consultants in the business. This incredible boots-on-the-ground experience is enhanced by Concanon's deep technical expertise in data science, cognitive computing, machine learning, and in Splunk's technological underpinnings.

The disclosed embodiments relate to a system that facilitates performing searches based on qualitative search terms...

Thus begins the Abstract of US Patent 9,087,090, the patent describing some of the underlying methods used in Splunk's Extreme Search conceptual search technology. Co-developed by technologists at Concanon, Concanon sister company Scianta Analytics and Splunk, Extreme Search introduces a groundbreaking new qualitative-expression-based search and analytics paradigm to Splunk.

Concanon works more closely with Splunk's development and engineering teams than any other Splunk Professional Services partner. As a result, we have unmatched expertise, not only in Professional Services Best Practices in deploying and leveraging Splunk, but in how Splunk actually works. We use this expertise to deliver focused solutions in four practice areas: Business Analytics & Operational Intelligence; IT Operations & Service Intelligence; Cloud & Software as a Service; and CyberSecurity.

Concanon's professional services teams are the trusted go-to consultants for many of the largest, most successful, leading-edge companies on Earth. We have the world's best consultants deployed throughout the United States and Europe and each and every one of them is focused on the success of our clients. If you're looking for some help in designing, deploying or optimizing your Splunk, Big Data, CyberSecurity, IT Operations or Cloud infrastructure, give us a call.  We'd love to help.



A Fortune 100 Mortgage Loan Company says...

I wanted to take a moment to call out the extraordinary work of the Concanon Splunk Professional Services resource assigned to the <<Company>> Splunk Team, Eric Adkins.

From day one, Eric has been extremely proactive and highly engaged with the team. He hit the ground running and seamlessly took over managing one of our most involved customer relationships at a time when our team was particularly short-staffed, enabling the customer to excel, and allowing our core staff to focus on other critical operational and improvement tasks. He is always professional, personable, and provides top-notch customer service.

Eric is highly motivated and self-driven, often providing guidance around potential areas of service and platform improvement to our team, and going above and beyond to research and address complex issues as they arise.  

I believe ours is Eric’s first dedicated engagement as a Splunk Professional Services engineer – I know that as a resource assigned to a contract his own management rarely gets to see him in action, so I wanted to be sure to reach out to express what a great job he is doing. We are fortunate to have him as a member of our team for the time he is here, and I know he will excel in any future engagement to which he is assigned.

Splunk Global Professional Services Partner of the Year... Again!

Las Vegas, Wednesday February 27, 2019: At Splunk’s FY'20 Global Partner Summit, Concanon was named Splunk's  Global Professional Services Partner of the Year!

Selected from the winners of the regional partner of the year, this award recognizes excellence in post-sale, professional services implementations. Technical excellence, certifications, and customer satisfaction are elements of this award.  This is the second year in a row the Concanon Team has won this award! Congratulations, once again, to the best professional services team in the business!  We are incredibly proud of the entire Concanon team for continuing to knock it out of the park. Thanks again, gang, for your hard and inspiring work!

Splunk Professional Services Partner of the Year for the Americas... Again!

Las Vegas, Tuesday, February 26, 2019: At Splunk’s FY'20 Global Partner Summit, Concanon was named Splunk's Professional Services Partner of the Year for the Americas!

The Professional Services Partner of the Year award is a regional award that recognizes excellence in post-sale, professional services implementations. Technical excellence, certifications, and customer satisfaction are elements of this award.  This is the second year in a row the Concanon Team has won this award! Congratulations, once again, to the best professional services team in the business!

A Splunk Professional Services Project Manager says...

Erika – the details of your dailies <<Status Reports>> are really great.


A global broadcasting network says...

Just like to mention how great Irene has been throughout her PS assignment with <global Splunk customer>. She always goes above and beyond in anything she is involved in and I now consider her an extended part of the team.
 – Manager, Cyber Security Operations

A Splunk Professional Services Delivery Manager says...

Ian did good things at <a large Splunnk customer> appreciate his input and great info sharing. This goes a long way. I heart Concanon!

A sales rep at a Concanon partner says...

<Patrick> is lights out. I love it! Bringing him into all my accounts :)

A manager at a Big 4 consulting firm says...

There is still much to do and I am 100% confident in the team lead by Mike Cormier, Matt Wade and Jennifer DeBell.  I can’t roll off without a special shout out to the three of you for stepping in, figuring out the mess and helping us to prioritize so our go-live could be a success. 

A Splunk Professional Services Director says...

...great job Anthony, keep up the impressive track record. No wonder we are fighting the West coast to keep you on East coast projects.

A prestigious northeastern university says...

Thanks Anthony - this was one of the best third party engagements we had in a long while. We are very appreciative of your work on our systems...

 – Director of Technology Architecture and Operations, Library and Information Technology

Splunk Professional Services Partner of the Year for the Americas

Las Vegas, February 28, 2018: At Splunk’s FY'19 Global Partner Summit, Concanon was named Splunk's Professional Services Partner of the Year for the Americas!

The Professional Services Partner of the Year award is a regional award that recognizes excellence in post-sale, professional services implementations. Technical excellence, certifications, and customer satisfaction are elements of this award.


Splunk Global Professional Services Partner of the Year

Las Vegas, February 27, 2018: At Splunk’s FY'19 Global Partner Summit, Concanon was named Splunk's  Global Professional Services Partner of the Year!

Selected from the winners of the regional partner of the year, this award recognizes excellence in post-sale, professional services implementations. Technical excellence, certifications, and customer satisfaction are elements of this award.

A Splunk Professional Services Director says...

I wanted to share this hugely positive feedback from <customer manager> at <a regional insurance provider>. I know they’re an interesting customer with complex and evolving requirements and that they’re trying to pack a lot of data into some very limited hardware. It’s great to hear that we were able to tackle the technical challenges successfully but even better to be recognized for helping to enable their internal team since that’s the only way to sustain success for the longer term. – Thanks for all your hard work on this

A Splunk Regional Sales Manager Says...

I wanted to pass a long a note of thanks for all of Mike’s work at <a Splunk customer>. They not only kicked butt with the Business Analytics use case but they are doing the same with the cloud conversion project going on right now. Additionally, Mike is always willing to help out when I am in a pinch over there. <Concanon is> just an awesome partner and Mike is a great engineer that I really enjoy working with.

A Splunk Global Account Manager Says...

Thank YOU!

You did an awesome job, and <<xxxxxx>>>– their leader – sent several text messages during your preso to say how good you are and and how helpful the session was.  Really appreciate your enthusiasm and sense of humor.  Plus, you’re clearly super smart.

 Thanks again and as long as you don’t mind, you can be certain that they’ll ask for another session.

Thanks again!

 <Splunk Global Account Manager, Large Multinational Conglomerate>

At a Splunk PS Engagement in Luxembourg...

Dear <Splunk EMEA PS Manager>,

 Just to say thank you for arranging the opportunity to shadow the engagement with <a Multinational Mining and Natural Resources Company> in Luxembourg, lead by Joshua Nudell <of Concanon>.  Josh, was a credit to the Splunk Organisation, and worked patiently with the customer, and the highly complex set of restrictions and requirements that the client gradually introduced us to over the first week on site.  We arrived on site, and the client had a set of requirements, and goals for ES product, which then enabled the design of the core Splunk Enterprise system. The other requirement to train the client on site, meant the client wanted and did carry out all system work, which really showed the depth of skill that Josh had, and excellent personal skills.

It was really great experience, to see Splunk operations in the field as a professional service organisation, thank you for the opportunity.

 <A Splunk Partner, UK>

A County Government IT Manager Says...

Anthony... has shown outstanding professionalism, knowledge, and patience during this installation. He has provided considerable guidance and education to me regarding Splunk, and I look forward to working with him again during the final week of this installation.

At a Multinational Telecommunications Company...

Corey, I met with David XXXXXXXX of <A Multinational Telecommunications Company> today and he was very complimentary of the work you’ve been doing.  In fact he said, what you’ve accomplished with them over the past 3 weeks would have taken them 18 months to do without you.  With that said, thank you very much for your great support.  It’s truly appreciated as we look to expand on the current 1 TB/day license.

A Multinational Financial Technology Provider Says...

Awesome progress this week Josh. You are really doing a great job of helping the team out. I’m hearing a lot of good feedback from XXXXXXXX, XXXXXXXX and XXXXXXXX.

Thank you!

Splunk PS Director, APAC, says...


Can't thank you enough and appreciate your amazing work.

<Director, Professional Services, APAC>

A Splunk PS Director Says...

Thank you for the continued support and for having your team continue to deliver quality work on behalf of Splunk PS.

Please send our sincere thank you to Ted for his work and contribution at <A National US Retailer>.

A Senior Splunk PS Manager Says...

Hi Mike,

Could you possibly send me Matt (Wade)’s address. He’s really gone above and beyond for <A Multinational Investment Bank> in the last few weeks and I’d like to share a little recognition.


<Splunk Senior Professional Services Manager>

A Splunk Regional Sales Manager Says...

Please see feedback below from <A Multinational Network Systems Company> about Chip. He is rock star!

Chip – Great work getting the project stabilized early and delivering excellent results!


<Splunk Regional Sames Manager>

A Splunk Regional Sales Manager Says...

Team – I was onsite yesterday with them, and they mentioned how well this engagement is going.


Ted – I appreciate the good work you’re doing! Also the work you did with <XXXXXXXX> last week.

<Splunk Regional Sales Manager>

At a Major US Law Firm...

Matt (Gonter), Thank you again for all your hard work on this. It’s clear you really know the product, and we got a lot out of the engagement

A Splunk Business Strategist Says...

Ted – Appreciate the great updates. I meet with the Director of Cyber Security at <a large Splunk Customer> last night at an event, and he extended a special thank you for the work you’re doing. He’s been very impressed with your knowledge and passion for Splunk. He requested that we continue to use you for future PS engagements...


 Keep up the great work!


At a US-Based Multinational Office Supply Retailer...

I just received this message from the manager that Irene is working with, and I thought I would pass it on.

"yes, (Irene) is still helping us, and she is amazing"

At a US-Based Multinational Office Supply Retailer...

Hi Mike –


Things are working really out really well. David is a seasoned professional and he’s been handling <a critical Splunk customer> on his own just fine.

Appreciate you checking in.


<Splunk PS Manager>

A Major US Luxury Retailer Says...

I am writing to inform you of the outstanding job Ted Fenn did on this project.  Though all the Splunk Professional Service personnel performed admirably, Ted stood out among the group.  He was with us most of the project and provided consistency during that time.  He provided detail updates every day which were praised by multiple people.   He was courteous, level headed, extremely Splunk knowledgeable, and offered to share this knowledge with whomever requested it. He was proactive and did whatever was asked of him to better the project.  One example, of many, is when Ted presented the project's Logical Model to the Company TAP (Technical and Architecture board) when obtaining approval for the SIEM Architecture document.  He answered many questions and offered several solution sets to issues being discussed.  Perhaps, if the Splunk project (part 2) starts in January and a Splunk Professional Service resource is needed, Ted can be a part of that endeavor too.

A Splunk PS Manager Says...

I just wanted to recognize what a tremendous job Matt (Wade) is doing by staying in the fight with this extremely difficult customer. We’ve already been negotiating the appropriate compensation for his efforts in terms of a popular Scottish export. I hope you’re dragging him along to .conf so I can help counsel him over the PTSD.

 Very best regards,

<Splunk Professional Services Manager>

At a Well Known London Bank...

Our consultant, Irene, helped them on multiple levels beyond Splunk - a quote from them was "she's basically fixed the bank while here"! Sounded like fixing Splunk, Linux, network ports, routing, DNS were all in a day's work.
Engagement Manager, Splunk Professional Services

A Splunk PS Manager in Europe Says...

@Irene,  THANKS!  We really appreciate your huge dedication to this project, and your patience during the crappy slow ramp up phase.  Thanks for your continued drive and enthusiasm, and for making this a big success.  We will always be happy to have you on our EMEA projects :O)

Большое Спасибо!  (Many Thanks!)

At a Global Social Media Company...

"Tony and Chip – I cannot thank you guys enough. What a fantastic job on this large and complex cloud migration project. You all made this one look easy. This great work, and successful project will certainly line up Splunk credibility with the customer."
Engagement Manager, Splunk Professional Services

A Global Transportation Services Company Says...

"Hey I REALLY wanted to thank you all for talking me into the implementation support. This was REALLY worth our money and I'm letting my boss know it. I feel much more confident with the product now and getting this really helped us to get it right the first time rather than making a million frustrating mistakes to get it right.

Again, thanks to everyone for the great support through this process of getting Splunk here at <our company> and also thanks to Mike for his great level of knowledge while on site. Most of the very detailed questions I asked he knew right off the top of his head... just what I wanted and needed."

A Splunk PS Manager Says...

"Chip, I wanted to personally reach out and thank you for all the great work you did with <Splunk's Largest Customer>..."

A U.S. Healthcare IT Services Provider Says...

"I wanted to drop a quick note to you guys regarding Irene. She has been a great help so far. She is always willing to help around the clock, non-stop! We have benefitted tremendously from her work ethic and experience of the product. She is quick to response and resolve the matter. As an example, today, I was stuck with some config changes. She got on the call and resolved the matter within seconds!"

A U. S. Regional Bank Says...

"David did an awesome job here.  The systems are working wonderfully, very stable, and our regulatory dashboards are working as hoped for.  We would happily entertain having David back out anytime. Great resource!!"

A U.S. Metropolitan School District Says...

"Irene was one of the best consultants I have ever worked with.  Her technical skills, knowledge of the product, and just the industry in general were worth every penny I paid (and then some).  She helped us organize our thoughts around Splunk, and work though what we needed and how to best use it for our environment. She was awesome, and I'd bring her back in a second. In fact, don't be surprised if I ask for here specifically down the road when/if I need help."

A Global Financial Software and Services Firm Says...

"David – It was an honor and a true pleasure to have worked with you! Of the number of consultants I have worked with, you are a true professional and one who understands the holistic needs of the customer! Your agility and flexibility to move with the curves we threw at you was exemplary, I hope I have to pleasure of working with you soon."

The U.S. Department of Agriculture Says...

"Irene – Just wanted to take the time out to thank you on the behalf of the Support Staff for a job well done. Our Splunk Software is running great and we have increased the confidence level of our reports significantly. We couldn't have gotten as far as we did without your helpful assistance. Thanks again..."

A Splunk PS Manager Says...

"I can't thank Spencer enough for working this one through, especially over the weekend.  Hopefully he can get some time towards the end of the week, and I will need to find a way to thank him."

A U.S. Cloud Services Provider Says...

"I'd like to express my appreciation for Mike's work.  He was very professional; took ownership of the problem and went above and beyond in delivering great service.  His knowledge of Splunk was clearly advanced and in the future I'd definitely have a preference to having him at the top of the list..."

Splunk Professional Services Engineer of the Year

Concanon Co-Founder and Managing Director Mike Cormier was awarded "Professional Services Engineer of the Year" by Splunk in 2014. We're very proud.


Mike Cormier

Co-Founder, Managing Director

William Thackrey

Co-Founder, Managing Director

Doug McClanahan

VP, Director Business Development

Joe McGlynn

Director, Engineering

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